Why Choose Us for the Best Home Warranty Options?


A home warranty gives homeowners peace of mind because they know if they experience a break down in their home, whether it is an issue with their HVAC system, or a sudden problem with the new dishwasher, they will not have to break the bank to get it fixed. At Home Protection Pros, we offer comprehensive home warranty plans with countless benefits because we want our customers to have nothing short of the best. Home warranty coverage means your home is protected beyond what your homeowner’s insurance policy provides. Whether you have been living in your house for 20 years, you are buying something new, or selling and looking forward to that closing date, we have the best home warranty coverage for your needs.

For more information about the homeowners warranty plans we have available, connect with us today! You can request a quote online or by phone . We look forward to helping you get the best home warranty coverage for your needs.

Offering Our Customers the Best Home Warranty Options

At Home Protection Pros, it is our mission to offer our customers great home warranty plans. What makes us the best home warranty provider? Here are just some of the things our customers can look forward to with our service plans:

  • 3-year service plan – We offer our customers a 3-year program, while most other home warranty providers only provide one year.
  • Comprehensive coverage – Our plans provide comprehensive coverage with many additional coverage options that allow you to customize your plan so that it is the best plan for your needs.
  • Affordable deductible – Our plans have an affordable $100 deductible.
  • Budget protection – Our plans help you protect your budget by avoiding unexpected repair costs, especially those that could end up being significant amounts!
  • Transferable – If you are selling your home, you can inform potential buyers that your house comes with the remainder of your home warranty plan.

Further Benefits of Having Great Home Warranty Coverage

Many people may not initially understand the benefit to having home warranty coverage because they assume they are already covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy, or perhaps they think they can rely on their appliance manufacturer’s warranties. However, the reality is that a home warranty provides coverage for things that a homeowner’s insurance policy would not, like the item’s normal wear and tear. It is also rare that a manufacturer’s warranty provides coverage for normal wear and tear, and it typically has a short time limit. Your home warranty with Home Protection Pros includes normal wear and tear, has a 3-year window, and the cost of labor is included in case of repair!

Whatever your situation, we will walk you through our plans so that you know you are getting the best home warranty for your family’s needs.

Learn More About the Best in Home Warranty Coverage

If you are looking for a homeowners warranty option that offers the best in home warranty coverage, your search is over! Give us a call . We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss our plans to help you determine which makes the most sense for what you are looking for.